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What is the cotton yarn inspection method

Posted by Admin | 23 Dec
Cotton yarn is a yarn processed from cotton fiber through spinning process, and it is called cotton thread after plying. According to different spinning processes, it can be divided into carded yarn and combed yarn.

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1 Carded yarn: Yarn spun from cotton fiber by ordinary spinning system
2 Combed yarn: Yarn spun from cotton fiber through a combed spinning system.
Combed yarn is made of high-quality raw materials. The fibers in the yarn are straight and parallel, with less knots, good luster, and evenness. This type of cotton yarn is mostly used for weaving fabrics.
Inspection method: According to the national regulations, the yarn quality is rated according to the quality index and weight unevenness. Cotton yarns are graded according to evenness, neps, and number of impurities. Among them, the quality index mainly refers to the strength of the yarn, which reflects the durability and durability of the fabric to a certain extent. The grade of cotton yarn mainly reflects the difference in yarn thickness and appearance defects, which directly affects the appearance of the fabric, such as the evenness of the grain, the clarity and the size of the shadow, etc. The level of yarn quality is closely related to production management, process conditions, mechanical conditions, technical operation level, the quality of raw cotton and its reasonable use.