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Introduction and characteristics of seersucker fabric.

Posted by Admin | 31 May
Seersucker is a cotton fabric with a special appearance and style, which is processed from light muslin. The surface of the cloth is evenly covered with uneven small bubbles, which are not close to the body when worn, and have a cool feeling, which is suitable for all kinds of women's summer clothing. Clothes made of seersucker have the advantage that they do not need to be ironed after washing, but the disadvantage is that after repeated washing, the bubbles will gradually flatten. Especially when washing, it is not advisable to use hot water to soak, and it is not advisable to scrub and twist hard, so as not to affect the fastness of the bubbles.
Two different warp beams are used for weaving, ground warp and foaming warp. The yarn count of the foaming yarn is thicker, and the let-off speed is about 30% faster than that of the ground warp. After loose finishing, it becomes woven seersucker. The seersucker produced by this method is generally yarn-dyed and colored, including cotton, purified fiber or chemical fiber blended.