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The advantages of pigment printing process fabrics.

Posted by Admin | 31 May
Pigment printing is one of the technological methods of fabric printing. Coatings, unlike dyes, are not direct to fibers. Can not be combined with fiber, it is just an insoluble colored powder, mostly organic compounds, but also inorganic. The principle of "coloring" it on the fiber is to use a synthetic resin that can generate a strong film and fix it on the fiber and the surface, so it can print on fabrics of various fibers. The use of paints rather than dyes to produce calico has become so widespread that it has begun to be regarded as a separate printing method.
The advantages are: Pigment printing is the cheapest printing method in printing production, because printing is relatively simple, requires the least process, and usually does not require steaming and steaming. Available in bright, rich colors for all textile fibers. Their light fastness and dry cleaning fastness are good, even excellent, so they are widely used in upholstery, fabrics, curtains and clothing fabrics that need to be dry cleaned. In addition, there is almost no major color difference between different batches of fabric, and the coverage of the base color is also very good when overprinting.