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How to choose polyester fabric

Posted by Admin | 02 Feb
The vigorous development of the light chemical industry has brought various synthetic fabric products into the lives of millions of people. Among them, polyester fabric, which is essentially polyester fiber, is a fiber-forming high polymer, a synthetic fiber obtained through spinning processing and subsequent treatment. Due to the low price and good quality of polyester fabrics, it has significant advantages such as high strength, high wrinkle resistance, high wear resistance, and high shape retention, and is generally accepted by the public. The correct purchase of polyester fabrics is the basis for making the best use of them. How should we choose polyester fabrics?

100% polyester dyed brushed home textile fabric with high strength and elastic recovery, durable and pantone color microfiber
100% polyester dyed brushed home textile fabric with high strength and elastic recovery, durable and pantone color microfiber
Most of our polyester fabrics are used in the production of home textile products, which are the raw materials of home textile products. There are thousands of design drawings for customers to choose from. They have a soft feel and strong quality, and can provide products of different specifications according to customer needs.

1. Look at the warp and weft of the fabric
Polyester fabrics can be divided into warp-knitted fabrics and weft-knitted fabrics. Although they have been heat-set or treated with resin, there are still some differences in properties such as extensibility, which is reflected in the suitability of the two. Processed garment types vary. Among them, the weft-knitted polyester fabric is suitable for processing women's tops with various colors and styles, because it generally has a variety of colored yarn weaves and textures. For the processing and production of bottom garments such as trousers and skirts, people can choose warp-knitted polyester fabrics, which have better performance in terms of structural compactness and wear resistance.
2. Look at the quality of the fabric
Polyester fabrics can be divided into various grades according to quality grades, among which the quality of first-class products is superior. Therefore, when people buy polyester fabrics, they can check the product levels printed on the outer packaging for selection. Secondly, the structure of the polyester fabric, the tightness between the coils, and the softness of the handle can also reflect its quality to a certain extent, and people can carefully understand these aspects.
3. Look at the appearance of the fabric
Good-quality polyester fabrics have a relatively perfect appearance, and there will be no obvious phenomena such as missing stitches, holes, missing threads, hooked threads, broken ends, and thread tension. At the same time, there will be no obvious defects on the surface of the polyester fabric, such as knots, bad edges, and stitching. Therefore, people can judge the quality of polyester fabric and whether it is worth buying by the appearance quality of polyester fabric.
To sum up, when purchasing polyester fabrics, people should check the warp and weft of the fabric, check the quality of the fabric, and check the appearance of the fabric. At the same time, the word-of-mouth evaluation results presented by polyester fabrics can also be used as an important reference factor when purchasing. Generally speaking, polyester fabrics with a good reputation have a price advantage, and their performance can withstand the inspection of most people.